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Clinical Metabolomics Bundle

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Clinical Metabolomics has been called the “Stethoscope” of the 21st Century and is foundational module of the Essential HOMeHOPe Certification. In it, you will lean how to detect and correct exogenous and endogenous metabolites that make up our metabolome. The metabolome represents the collection of all metabolites in a biological cell, tissue, organ or organism that are required for maintenance, growth, and optimized function. These include the vitamins, minerals, cofactors, oxidants, antioxidants, amino acids, and metabolic products from cellular energy production and gut microbiota. The metabolites, being the end products of genetic expression, reflect what is happening at the cellular level, even before illness is detected.

This limited-time Clinical Metabolomics bundle includes: 

  • The 12-week Clinical Metabolomics Course ($2000 value) 
  • Membership to the Clinical Metabolomics Cohort 
  • The Certificate to Practice Clinical Metabolomics ($1750) 
  • Genova Metabolomix+ Test ($465)