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Homer - AI assistant


A Shift in Perspective

HOMeHOPe is the first multi-omics speciality to define and deliver a standard of care for health, not disease. Disease is managed, health is optimized using a foundational approach, entirely different from illness medicine.

1. Salutogenesis

Shift from Pathogenesis (the origins or causes of disease) to Salutogenesis, which emphasizes the origins and maintenance of health rather than solely focusing on disease. It directs practitioners to explore factors that promote well-being and resilience in patients.

2. Neotenization

Shift from Geriatrization to Neotenization: HOMeHOPe “makes younger” your metabolite levels to those found at ages 21 to 30 years old or to evolutionarily derived values by shifting the entire subnetwork using ratio correction and network-wide range shifting.

3. Holobiontology

Shift from from Organology (organ-based focus care of the heart, liver, brain, etc.) to Holobiontology, the human being as a holo-organism with a relatively stable gene pool surrounded by a highly diverse set of metabolites from microbes, air, water, food, and environment.