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The HOMe/HOPe Academy

Gain a comprehensive understanding of health optimization practice and medicine, and learn how to develop personalized and preventive care plans that focus on optimizing overall health and well-being.
Why get a Certification of Completion?

Give yourself a competitive edge.

Continuing Medical Education Credit

After completing the Clinical Metabolomics Module and passing the exam, you will then be awarded 45 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ which MD's, DO's, ND's, and a host of other specialties accept across the world. Additional modules will also offer CME credit.

Laser focus on Clinical Practice

Unlike many courses where a lot of time is spent on didactics, HOMe/HOPe education is focused on giving you only the most clinically relevant information. As soon as you finish the Metabolomics Module and pass the exam, you'll be able to apply to be certified to practice.

Why get certified to practice? HOMe/HOPe is...


It can be practiced in any setting may it be virtually or in an office setting or a combination of both. Scale your practice and your impact anywhere any time.


It's freedom from the medical paradigm = outside the insurance model - and a result is a cash-based practice you can perform combined with illness medicine or on its own.


Access below-market-rates on diagnostic testing, supplements, phlebotomy services, and more. We have cultivated relationships to give your practice an extra edge.


Closed Facebook groups, Webinars Practitioner listings, and many more coming soon. Get access to a community of instructors and other students taking the course.