HOMe creates a Health Foundation

It’s not Preventative Medicine.

The goal of preventative medicine is to prevent disease. The goal of HOMe/HOPe, in contrast, is not to prevent disease but to optimize health. 

Why Practice Health Optimization?

HOMe is the first and only multi-omics specialty that defines and delivers the standard of care for health, not disease

  • Telepractice Ready

    HOMe/HOpe is easily integrated into any existing practice or practiced on its own without any other specialty

  • CME Credits

    Our Modules provide between 20 and 45 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™

  • Additional Revenue

    Scale your existing practice. Start a new one. Live on the cutting edge of health as a HOMe/HOPe Practitioner

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The Universal Common Denominator for Health is HOMe

In medical school, we are taught normal anatomy and physiology but not how to optimize or maintain it.

In HOMe/HOPe, we teach you how to optimize and maintain normal physiology by assessing the Holobiont and using network-wide range shifting 

The Holobiont

Illness medicine looks at humans as populations in an external environment. In HOMe/HOPe, we look at populations of cells within an individual ecosystem (i.e. an individual). This ecosystem is called the Holobiont or “Holo-Organism”

Network-Wide Range Shifting

We shift and optimize metabolite levels to values found in men and women from 21 to 30 years of age. These are evolutionarily-derived values whereas illness medicine uses “normal” values averaged over a single age group or spanning many decades. 

The Essential HOMe/HOPe Modules

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