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HOMe creates a Health Foundation

Provide your clients the root cause of health (Salutogenesis) by addressing imbalances rather than treating disease (pathogenesis).

The 3-3-7-3 Essentials of Health Optimization Medicine and Practice (HOMe/HOPe)

-Dr. Theodore Achacoso

What is Health Optimization?

HOMe/HOPe is a real-time health management plan for your clients and patients. Health optimization and maintenance is the true underlying foundation of a disease management plan. Illness medicine diagnoses and treats disease. HOMe/HOPe simply detects and corrects imbalances. Let's bring medicine HOMe!

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The HOMe/HOPe Certification Program

HOMe/HOPe is the first and only multi-omics specialty that defines and delivers the standard of care for health, not disease. The certification program is composed of seven modules that go into detail on the multi-omics sciences in clinical practice.

The Universal Common Denominator for Health is HOMe

In medical school, we are taught normal anatomy and physiology but not how to optimize or maintain it. In HOMe/HOPe, we teach you how to optimize and maintain normal physiology by assessing the Holobiont and using network-wide range shifting.

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The Smarter Not Harder Podcast

Our podcast is all about offering you one-cent solutions to $64,000 questions for all things decision making, consciousness, health optimization, performance, and so much more.

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