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Explore Health Optimization Medicine and Practice (HOMe/HOPe)

All of us on the HOMe/HOPe team actively see clients so we have created the HOMe/HOPe modules with a laser focus on clinically relevant material.

What is Health Optimization?

HOMeHOPe is a framework pioneered by Dr. Ted Achacoso. In contrast to illness medicine which diagnosis and treats disease, HOMeHOPe simply detects and corrects imbalances. It is the first speciality to define and deliver a standard of care for health, not disease.

Dr. Ted’s definition of health is simple: Health = A + B + C where A is the Absence of disease, B is the balance between anabolism (building) and catabolism (breaking down) according to C, life Cycle of the organism. Meaning that just because you are not sick, doesn’t mean you’re well. It just means that you are not sick.

HOMeHOPe starts with the Holobiont or the concept of the human as a holo-organism with a relatively stable gene pool surrounded by a highly diverse set of metabolites from microbes, air, water, food, and environment. We measure using metabolomic testing and address all 7 pillars of the Essential Certification.

Why is Health Optimization important?

When patients go to illness medicine doctors, they get an illness management plan. When they see a HOMeHOPe practitioner, they get a health optimization plan. These “plans” are not mutually exclusive and work best when done in synergy because when your patients and clients have their foundational health addressed, treating their illness/conditions often gets dramatically easier. This is one of the many beneficial side effects of optimizing health at the cellular level.

How does it work?

The process of HOMeHOPe begins with detecting exogenous and endogenous metabolites. Exogenous metabolites are those that come from food, air, pollutants and toxins, water, and microbes. Endogenous metabolites are those that come from the nucleus and cytoplasm, the mitochondria, the specialized cells (hormones), and gut microbiota. These are all detected using metabolomic testing. Subtle (or not so subtle) toxicities and deficiencies are then corrected using lifestyle, diet, network-wide range shifting (i.e. optimizing to levels found in healthy 21 to 30 year olds) and/or using evolutionary derived values (i.e. such as for vitamin D).

Learn more about the seven pillars

3 Steps to Health

Health = A + B + C

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