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The module is a free, comprehensive introduction to the HOMeHOPe framework by Dr. Theodore Achacoso, the founding pioneer of the practice. Learn about all 7 modules of the Essential Certification, the HOMeHOPe approach, and the requirements for CME and certification.

“Many classically trained MDs prefer to think about illness and think at the organ level. But HOMe forces you to look inside the cell and at networks. The brain, heart, thyroid, and pancreas are all made up of cells that have the same basic requirements. With HOMe, we’ve found the least common denominators and optimized their performance unilaterally. ”

-- Dr. Theodore Achacoso

Be one of the first practitioners on the planet to create health optimization plans for clients using network-wide range shifting and evolutionary derived values.
HOMeHOPe is fully telepractice ready, allowing practitioners to work virtually from anywhere in the world.
The Essential Certification course has over 150 CME credits available so you can maintain your professional certification while learning how to optimize health.
Many HOMeHOPe practitioners have an existing practice and are using this framework to augment it financially as well as to help improve health outcomes. When your clients are health optimized, it is much easier to manage their illness(es).

What to expect?

At HOMeHOPe, we set disease and conditions aside and focus on optimize the health of the basic cell. This is true foundational health for your patients and clients.