lucia aronica

Dr. Lucia Aronica

As Lecturer of Nutrigenomics, Personalized Nutrition, and Longevity Research at Stanford University School of Medicine, Dr. Lucia Aronica is a visionary leader spearheading groundbreaking academic programs at the forefront of unraveling the intricate interplay between nutrition, genetics, and epigenetics for optimizing human longevity. A highly sought-after keynote speaker, she captivates global audiences by distilling complex scientific concepts into actionable, evidence-based principles, from prestigious academic institutions to major media platforms like Netflix and TEDx.

Driven by a passion for translating cutting-edge research into clinical practice, Dr. Aronica collaborates closely with healthcare practitioners to implement genomic insights through personalized nutrition strategies. Her trailblazing initiatives, including establishing Stanford's pioneering nutrigenomics program and pioneering the first course on the biology of longevity, have profoundly shaped the next generation of professionals in this rapidly evolving field.

With over 17 years of research experience at renowned institutions such as Oxford, Vienna, and USC, Dr. Aronica has authored extensive publications in prestigious journals, including JAMA, Cell, and Genes and Development, advancing scientific understanding of nutrigenomics and its impact on human health and longevity.