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REQUIRED for Essential HOMe/HOPe Course completion. The enrollment prerequisite is the "Certificate of Module Completion in Clinical Metabolomics."

Week 1 - Introduction to the Epigenetics Module

This lesson provides the outline for studying the Epigenetics Module.

Week 2- Epigenetics: A Molecular Framework for HOMe/HOPe

This lesson provides: The HOMe/HOPe perspective, Definitions. Basic Mechanisms, and Implications in Human Health.

Week 3 -  DNA Methylation

This lesson focuses on DNA Methylation as one of the 3 main types of epigenetic modification.

Week 4 - Correction of Methylation Imbalances

This lesson lists strategies for correcting methylation imbalances.

Week 5 - Epigenetic Modifications: Histones and Non-Coding RNA

This lesson elucidates the two other main mechanisms for epigenetic modification, aside from DNA methylation which has been discussed in an earlier lesson.

Week 6 - Epigenomic Effects of Diet, Aging, and Lifestyle

This lesson demonstrates the effects of diet, aging, and lifestyle on the epigenome. It includes a discussion of epigenetic clocks and aging.

Week 7 -  Epigenetics Module Final Assessment

This is the final examination of the Epigenetics Module. You have 1 week with 2 chances to pass it. If you pass it, you will be awarded your "Certificate of Completion of the Epigenetics Module of the Basic HOMe/HOPe Course." If you don't you will have to re-enroll in the module.