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Audit: Bioenergetics (Mitochondria)


38 AMA PR Category 1 CME credits are available for the Clinical Metabolomics Module. This CME credit is available at no extra cost. In most states, the amount of CME provided in this module alone is 60% of what is required to re-certify as a medical provider in a 2-year cycle.

Upon completing this module you receive a "Certificate of Attendance in Bioenergetics (Mitochondria)." You may request to sit for the full final exam (offered in the Certification pathway) at You must make this request within 1 week of receiving your Certificate of Attendance in this module. The requirements to sit for this final exam are the "Certificate of Attendance" and the "Certificate of Completion of the Clinical Metabolomics Module" plus a $200 fee. The regular cost of this module bundled with the examination in the Essential HOMe/HOPe course is $1200, so please consider whether the regular module or audit module best suits your goals.

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Bioenergetics (Mitochondria)

Lesson 2 - Basics: A review of the basic science of energy production

Lesson 3 - Other Essential Mitochondrial Functions (Upgrades to the basic science of energy production)

Lesson 4 - The Mitochondria and Their Role in Common Diseases and Aging 

Lesson 5 - Detection of Imbalances in Energy Metabolism

Lesson 6 - Correction Modalities for Imbalances in Energy Metabolism