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Peptide Hormones


Peptide hormones are analogues of intrinsic signaling molecules of the body that are precise, have low toxicity and unique efficacy. Their unique ability to overcome cellular permeability barriers make them a powerful tool to optimize metabolic pathways, enabling a return to a state of cellular balance.


Week 1 - Peptides Introduction

Here we uncover the basics of peptides and protein hormones.

Week 2 - Growth Hormone

In this lesson, we take a deep dive into Growth Hormone, a major anabolic hormone, and its roles in the body.

Week 3 - Thyroid Hormone

What are the thyroid hormones and what do they regulate?

Week 4 - Peptides for Fat Loss and Building Muscle

Here we discuss several peptides that have demonstrated their abilities to promote fat loss and building muscle.

Week 5 - Musculoskeletal System Peptides

In this lesson we discuss a number of peptides and their capacity to stimulate repair in the body.

Week 6 - Wound Healing Peptides

Here we discuss several peptides and studies that demonstrate their wound healing properties.

Week 7 - Peptides for Neuroinflammation

What is molecular inflammation and why is it important understand?

Week 8 - Peptides for Infertility and Libido

In this lesson we discuss how peptides can influence infertility and libido.

Week 9 - Peptides for Infections

Here we discuss the potential application of peptides to address infections.

Week 10 - Peptides for Common Diseases

Cancer, Diabetes, Autoimmune conditions, oh my! What does signal transduction have to do with it?

Week 11 - Peptides for Aesthetics

Can peptides really enhance my beauty? In this lesson we discuss how peptides can support the health of skin and other areas.

Week 12 - Peptides through a HOMe Framework

What is the Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe) framework when it comes to peptides?

Week 13 - Peptide Hormones Final Quiz