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Audit: Chronobiology


35 AMA PR Category 1 CME credits are available for the Clinical Metabolomics Module. This CME credit is available at no extra cost. In most states, the amount of CME provided in this module alone is 50% of what is required to re-certify as a medical provider in a 2-year cycle

Upon completing this module you receive a "Certificate of Attendance in Chronobiology." You may request to sit for the full final exam (offered in the Certification pathway) at You must make this request within 1 week of receiving your Certificate of Attendance in this module. The requirements to sit for this final exam are the "Certificate of Attendance" and the "Certificate of Completion of the Clinical Metabolomics Module" plus a $200 fee. The regular cost of this module bundled with the examination in the Essential HOMe/HOPe course is $1800, so please consider whether the regular module or audit module best suits your goals.


Week 1: Introduction to Chronobiology

Chronobiology is the science investigating cyclic phenomena in living organisms. These cycles or biological rhythms influence many cellular processes. Chronobiology is included as one of the major pillars of Health Optimization Medicine and Practice (HOMe/HOPe) because when there are imbalances in these rhythms, many aspects of health may be deleteriously affected.

Week 2: Circadian Physiology

Biological clocks (with their rhythmic oscillations) influence a wide range of cellular processes. These biological clocks are influenced by genetics and certain environmental factors such as light, nutrient-timing, and temperature. Most of the emphasis in this module will be on circadian rhythms (oscillations with a period of approximately 24 hours).

Week 3: Detection of Circadian Imbalances

In this lesson, we address the detection of circadian imbalances through several tests and lifestyle questions

Week 4: Correction of Circadian Imbalances - Lifestyle Measures

This lesson outlines lifestyle measures to correct circadian imbalances.

Week 5: Correction of Circadian Imbalances - Lab Testing & Supplementation

This lesson outlines addressing circadian rhythm imbalances using Metabolomics Testing, Hormone Testing, Gut Immune System Testing and Sleep Supplementation

Week 6: Chronobiology Module Final Examination

The student is required to take this multiple-choice module examination after studying all of the lessons in the module. This examination is meant to check your understanding of what has been covered in the module and is an OPEN BOOK EXAM, i.e., you may review the slides or open the references to answer the questions. We do not want to induce non-hormetic rises in your cortisol level, so the module assessment is not timed either, although you have 2 weeks to complete it.