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The Exposome is the systemic, unbiased, -omic scale examination of non-genetic factors contributing to health and disease. It is also known as the “environmental genome” i.e. the cumulative lifetime exposure to three environments: General External (social capital, education, financial status, etc), Specific External (radiation, infectious agents, pollutants, dyes, chemicals, etc), and Internal (hormones, physical activity, gut microbiome, etc). In this module, students learn how to use advanced testing to detect and correct the environmental genome to optimize the health of their clients.

Required for Essential HOMe/HOPe Course completion. The enrollment prerequisite is the "Certificate of Module Completion in Clinical Metabolomics."


Week 1: Introduction, Definitions & Differentiations

In this lesson, we discuss the basics along with answering an important clarifying question. What is the Exposed Unit (EU) from the lens of General Exposomics, Clinical Toxicology vs. Clinical Exposomics?

Week 2: The General External Environmental Factors (EFs)

In this lesson, the General Exposome or General External Environmental Factors (EFs) will focus on those that can be detected through available Clinical Exposomics tests.

Week 3: The Specific External Environmental Factors (EFs)

An exploration of several Specific External Environmental Factors (EFs) as Lifestyle Exposures.

Week 4: The Basic Detoxification Processes

In the first part of this lesson, we discuss cellular adaptation, injury or death due to toxicants. We finish the lesson by discussing the ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination) processes.

Week 5: Clinical Exposomics in Practice

We integrate the HOMe/HOPe perspective with the illness medicine perspective through an actual case discussion.

Week 6: The General Exposomics Non-Clinical

We round out this module by providing history, definitions, exposure assessments and global trends in the Exposomics world.

Week 7: Final Exam

Let's put your Exposomics study to the test!