Dr. Theodore Achacoso | Can Anxiety & Depression Originate in Your Gut?

Dr. Theodore Achacoso | Can Anxiety & Depression Originate in Your Gut?

Dr. Theodore Achacoso | Can Anxiety & Depression Originate in Your Gut?

In this episode of the Smarter Not Harder Podcast, Dr. Theodore Achacoso gives us one-cent solutions to life’s $64,000 questions that include:
  • How does gut microbiome imbalance cause inflammation, brain fog, anxiety, and depression?
  • What's the link between leaky gut and brain inflammation?
  • What are Dr. Ted's tips for gut health and brain function?

Who is Dr. Theodore Achacoso?

Dr. Theodore "Ted" Achacoso is the founding pioneer of the clinical practice of Health Optimization Medicine and Practice (HOMeHOPe) and Founder and Chief Science Officer at Smarter Not Harder, Inc.

Dr. Ted entered college at the age of 15 and has trained, researched, taught, worked, or founded companies in biology (BS), medicine (MD), pharmacology/toxicology, interventional neuroradiology, neurology, medical informatics, sci-tech investing, groupware, AI-based FX quant trading, interventional endocrinology (anti-aging medicine) and nutritional medicine (board certified in both, Paris), psychedelic plants, consciousness, and pharma-grade supplements, including the Troscriptions brand.

What did Dr. Theodore Achacoso discuss?

00:21 Understanding the Enteric Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis
02:52 Exploring the Structure, Functions, and New Perspectives of the EMGB Axis
05:02 Diving Deeper into the Gut-Brain Connection
06:49 The Brain's Role and Its Interactions with the Microbiota
10:41 Bidirectional Communication and the EMGB Axis
16:57 Introducing Home Hope and Health Optimization Medicine
20:38 Defining Health and the Practice of Health Optimization
27:06 The Paradox of Antioxidants
28:08 Understanding Dysbiosis and Its Management
28:54 The Crucial Role of Short Chain Fatty Acids
29:48 Gut Microbiota and Brain Neurotransmitters
31:35 Exercise: A Simple Yet Effective Tool
32:09 Neuroimmune Function and Gut Health
32:47 Addressing Autoimmunity and Neurodegeneration
33:08 Strategies for Managing Gut Dysbiosis
37:51 Balancing the Gut-Brain Axis
44:55 Innovations in Health Optimization Medicine
48:28 Future Directions in Gut Microbiota Research
51:29 Summary and Conclusion

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