Dr. Theodore Achacoso

Dr. Ted Achacoso - Fake Debate: Nature vs Nurture + Out: Genomics, In: Metabolomics

Dr. Ted Achacoso - Fake Debate: Nature vs Nurture + Out: Genomics, In: Metabolomics

In this episode of the Smarter Not Harder podcast, we are joined by Dr. Ted Achacoso, the founding pioneer of Health Optimization, Medicine and Practice and the Chief Science Officer of Smarter, Not Harder Inc. Listen along as we discuss metabolomics, your metabolome, genetic testing, and the Health Optimization Medicine and Practice framework.

Who is Dr. Ted Achacoso? 

Dr. Ted Achacoso believes that the current state of the world reflects egoic leadership and that this can be changed by a small but critical mass of enlightened leaders. His personal mission is also his for-profit's mission: "To decrease suffering in ourselves and to decrease suffering in others, knowing that there is no other." His bench research is on medicinal plants, neuroimaging, connectomes, artificial intelligence, and the mathematics of consciousness. His global contributions include the first-ever complete connectome for an organism (book), the first-ever commercial wireless groupware, the terms “artificial ethology” and “computational neuroethology,” and the new clinical specialty of Health Optimization Medicine and Practice (HOMe/HOPe, a US non-profit educational charity).

What Dr. Ted Discussed: 

00:22 - About Dr. Ted Achacoso

4:00 - Why DNA isn't as important as we think

8:03 - Dangers of detoxification or genetic-based diets

10:00 - Nature vs. Nurture

15:30 - How metabolites help trace back autoimmune diseases

17:53 - Health Optimization Medicine

24:00 - Understanding the cell danger response

26:42 - Importance of Metabolomics

32: Quality vs Quantity of Life

34:28 - How metabolomics fits into the overall health optimization medicine practice

52:11 - What Made Dr. Ted formalize Health Optimization Medicine Education?

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