Dr. Philip Ovadia | Are You Getting the Right Heart Disease Screening Tests?

Dr. Philip Ovadia | Are You Getting the Right Heart Disease Screening Tests?

Dr. Philip Ovadia | Are You Getting the Right Heart Disease Screening Tests?

In this episode of the Smarter Not Harder Podcast, host Dr. Scott Sherr is joined by guest Dr. Philip Ovadia to give one-cent solutions to life’s $64,000 questions that include:
  • What is the primary driver of heart disease?
  • What are the key blood work markers for heart health?
  • How do you differentiate between soft and hard plaque in assessing heart disease risk?
  • What is the value of coronary artery calcium scans and CT angiograms in heart health screening?

Who is Dr. Philip Ovadia?

Dr. Philip Ovidia is a cardiothoracic surgeon and founder of Ovidia Cardiothoracic Surgery. He grew up in New York, graduated from Pennsylvania State University and Jefferson Medical College, and completed his residency at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, followed by a fellowship at Tufts New England Medical School.

Dr. Ovidia started Ovidia Heart Health in 2020, offering virtual clinic services focused on preventing and treating heart disease through diet and lifestyle modifications. He currently resides in St. Petersburg, Florida, and continues to practice as a cardiothoracic surgeon, bridging the gap between conventional medicine and preventative care.

What did Dr. Scott discuss with Dr. Shivani Gupta?

00:58 - Spotlight on Dr. Philip Ovadia: A Journey from Surgery to Prevention
03:42 - The Evolution of Cardiac Surgery and the Rise of Younger Patients
12:17 - The Carnivore Diet: A Surgeon's Personal and Professional Journey
16:22 - Exploring the Carnivore Diet for Cardiovascular Health
23:43 - The Challenge of Processed Foods and the Importance of Real Food
24:24 - Navigating Research and Misconceptions About Meat and Health
26:16 - Navigating Meat Choices for Health
26:48 - The Carnivore Diet: An Affordable Approach
27:28 - Nutritional Differences in Meat: Grass-Fed vs. Grain-Finished
28:13 - The Impact of Poultry and Pork Sourcing
28:32 - Personal Dietary Choices and Restaurant Eating
29:41 - Exploring the Evolution of Seed Oils
30:58 - The Controversial History of Dietary Fats and Heart Disease
35:01 - Modern Approaches to Cardiovascular Screening
36:55 - Advanced Lipid Testing and Its Importance
40:38 - Imaging Techniques in Cardiac Care
46:08 - Understanding Plaque Formation and Cardiovascular Risk
47:26 - Three Ways to Live Smarter, Not Harder

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