Dr. Nicole Biljsma

Dr. Nicole Bijlsma: Mitigating Environmental Health Issues through Environmental Medicine

Dr. Nicole Bijlsma: Mitigating Environmental Health Issues through Environmental Medicine

In this episode of Smarter Not Harder podcast, we are joined by Dr. Nicole Bijlsma. She educates us on environmental medicine, including why these exposures are so crucial to health, how the environment affects health, what we can do to mitigate these effects, what an environmental exposure history questionnaire is, how to use it in practice, and so much more.

Who is Dr. Nicole Biljsma?

Dr. Nicole Bijlsma is a building biologist, bestselling author, Ph.D. candidate and the CEO of the Australian College of Environmental Studies. She has 30 years of experience lecturing at academic institutions and was formerly a naturopath and acupuncturist. She has written extensively for the Body and Soul newspaper in the Herald Sun, has articles published in peer-reviewed journals, and is frequently consulted by the media to discuss mold, electromagnetic fields, and toxic chemicals. She also gives talks about environmental health issues in Australia and abroad.

What Did We Discuss with Dr. Nicole Biljsma?

What we discuss:

00:00:22 - Dr. Nicole Bijlsma and her journey in environmental medicine

00:09:34 - Environmental medicine’s effect on people’s emotions

00:11:48 - Environmental exposure to electromagnetic field

00: 21:16 - Environmental toxicants: Molds

00:23:08 - Are we ever going to adapt to these environmental changes?

00:37:48 - What is the difference between living near the forest and near the ocean?

00:43:20 - Environmental toxicants: Toxic metals

00:47:09 - What is an environmental exposure history questionnaire and how to use it?

00:57:15 - What’s next for Dr. Nicole Bijlsma?

Find out more about Dr. Nicole Bijlsma:

Website: https://www.buildingbiology.com.au/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nicolebijlsma1

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/colbijlsma/


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