Dr. Michael Twyman: A Deep Dive into Cardiovascular Health

Dr. Michael Twyman: A Deep Dive into Cardiovascular Health

Dr. Michael Twyman: A Deep Dive into Cardiovascular Health

In this episode of the Smarter Not Harder Podcast, host Dr. Scott Sherr is joined by guest Dr. Michael Twyman to give one-cent solutions to life’s $64,000 questions that include:

  • What are the roles of the endothelium and the glycocalyx in cardiovascular health and how can their function be optimized to prevent heart disease and manage blood pressure?
  • How do advanced diagnostic tools like CT angiograms, magneto cardiography, advanced lipid panels, and genetic testing contribute to personalized medicine in cardiology and the early detection of cardiovascular risk factors?
  • What are the lifestyle changes that can significantly influence cardiovascular health, and how can practices such as improving diet, enhancing nitric oxide levels, maintaining a healthy oral microbiome, adjusting light exposure and sleep patterns, and patient education help manage heart health?

Who is Dr. Michael Twyman?

Dr. Michael Twyman is a dedicated health professional with a passion for preventing and early detecting heart disease. Specializing in Heart Attack Prevention, he seamlessly blends conventional medicine, integrative/functional medicine, quantum medicine, and biohacking to address the root causes of cardiovascular issues.

What did Dr. Scott discuss with Dr. Michael Twyman?

 (0:00:03) - Heart energy production, the importance of mitochondrial function in chronic diseases, and role of endothelium and glycocalyx in cardiovascular health 

(0:07:14) - Oxidative stress and inflammation impact on endothelial and glycocalyx functions, effects of COVID-19, and methods to reduce oxidative stress

(0:18:17) - The significance of accurate blood pressure monitoring, risks of hypertension, and variances in blood pressure related to cardiovascular health

(0:27:23) - The decline of nitric oxide production with age, the impact of mouthwashes and supplements on nitric oxide levels, and how it affects vascular health

(0:37:32) - The importance of proper light exposure and sleep quality for regulating circadian rhythms, and their broader health implications

(0:41:58) - Cholesterol panels, the significance of repairing the glycocalyx and endothelium, role of LDL particles and APOB, and issues with sterol absorption

(0:53:09) - Managing cholesterol and cardiovascular risk, benefits and side effects of statins, and use of advanced testing tools

(0:56:36) - The importance of CT angiograms, the ability of Clearly software to differentiate between plaque types, and the value of early detection of cardiovascular risk

(1:03:01) - Magneto cardiography (MCG) as a diagnostic technique, its potential future applications, and lifestyle advice for good health


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