Smarter Not Harder Podcast #64: Is your tap water safe to drink? (with Dr. Marc Cohen)

Dr. Marc Cohen: Tips for Hydration and Gut Health

Dr. Marc Cohen: Tips for Hydration and Gut Health

In this episode of the Smarter Not Harder Podcast, host Jodi Duval is joined by guest Dr. Marc Cohen to give one-cent solutions to life’s $64,000 questions that include:
  • What is ancient future medicine?
  • What is the science behind hot springs? What benefits and detoxification effects can they give us?
  • How does good water affect your gut and skin microbiomes?
  • Why is it important to consume living food with our daily meals? What are the benefits behind foods like kombucha and manuka honey?

Who is Dr. Marc Cohen?

Dr. Marc Cohen is a medical doctor, university professor, author, poet, entrepreneur, wellness trailblazer, and perpetual student of life, trying to coax the world towards worldwide wellness. He has spent his life studying and researching wellness and holistic health to live a fun and fulfilling life and help tip the scales in the right direction, which includes spending more than 30 years as an integrative medical doctor with over half of his career spent as a tenured professor in the trans-disciplinary field of wellness.

Dr. Marc has published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers on medical diagnostics, detoxification, herbal medicine, saunas, hot springs, and more, along with multiple text books and has spent considerable time running conferences, festivals, retreats, and working with some of the world’s most exclusive the spas and wellness retreats.

What did Jodi discuss with Dr. Marc Cohen?

0:00:00 - Up Next
0:00:46 - SNH Podcast Intro
0:01:13 - Who is Dr. Marc Cohen?
0:03:19 - What led Dr. Marc to his current passions?
0:06:16 - Ancient Future Medicine
0:07:14 - Dr. Marc's personal mission
0:09:32 - The importance and effects of social connection
0:12:42 - The World of Wellness: A poem Dr. Marc wrote during lockdown on things people can do at home to reduce anxiety and improve their immune system
0:15:22 - The power of stillness
0:18:17 - The science and benefits of hot springs
0:23:47 - Dr. Marc's 1-year hydrothermal wellness course
0:26:11 - The detoxification effects of hot springs
0:30:06 - Water and the toxicities it can contain
0:38:00 - The separation between science and magic
0:41:05 - Vortex devices to stop scale build-up in hard water
0:42:00 - Good water changes your biomes
0:43:47 - The skin microbiome
0:45:03 - The gut microbiome
0:45:37 - Alive vs. dead fermented food
0:49:50 - Kombucha studies and benefits
0:53:24 - Manuka honey, vinegar mixes, and polyphenol content
0:58:20 - How we can balance our tastes
1:01:57 - The Recipe for Wellness: A poem Dr. Marc wrote at the start of the pandemic

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